Café Church is all of the above and more, because we really believe that God Himself is present when Christians gather together.

Since April 2009, Café Church has provided a meeting place for English speaking people, and currently meets once a month on the Fourth Sunday. We gather together from 5pm starting with our trademark tea and cakes. This is followed by our programme, which starts at 5:30pm and finishes around 6:45pm.

Our interactive programme has a contemporary feel, featuring modern Christian music, but also includes some of the great old hymns as well as new arrangements and newly written material. The prayers we share come from the heart and deal with the real issues of the day.

Seven roads meet in Bergerac and, in the Bible, seven stands for completeness and fullness.

So, we welcome visitors from all directions and invite you to meet with us and share in the wonderful fellowship we enjoy in the completeness and fullness of God’s mercy and love.


The DIARY page gives the detailed programme for the coming weeks. more...



Café Church, 5 Rue Durou, Bergerac

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